About us

The founder, Mr. Wang Chunde, has more than 45 years of experience in personal skin care, daily chemical and cosmetic packaging materials, and is the founder of the Taiwan and mainland industries. The established Dequay Company became the first qualified supplier of L'Oréal and Revlon in Asia in the 1990s, and is one of the largest cosmetic packaging companies in the world, dedicated to product research and development and process innovation. Under the leadership of Mr. Wang Chunde, he has more than 200 sprinkler related patents under his name. Since 2014, the company has focused on the structural innovation and research and development of environmentally friendly aerosol valves. Our aerosol valves do not need to use butane or liquefied petroleum, and use safe compressed gas (air, nitrogen, etc.) to achieve the original effect and replace the need The binary aerosol valve with liquid as propellant is safer and more environmentally friendly in use and transportation.